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HIJOY’s Raw Materials: All products’ key components are of China’s leading quality standards. Strict requirements have been set on a series of small parts, including wiring and rubber elements. Therefore, our products boast excellent quality, enjoying low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, powerful drive, fast acceleration, long service life and easy repair.

HIJOY’s Technology: The non-destructive testing technology is adopted to fully ensure the metallurgical quality of key parts and components. Simultaneously, flexible manufacturing equipment is employed to shorten the production cycle and improve the product quality. The original complete keel water cooled frame is treated with electrophoretic painting, which thoroughly solves the problem of the single cylinder engine motorcycle overheating as well as keeping the frame from tarnishing forever.

HIJOY’s History: At the beginning of 2000, Mr. Ran Gengshu took over the Sichuan Fuling Mining Machinery Plant in NanchuanDistrict, administered by Chongqing City, and became its leader. After a re-organization, the company focused on making the manufacture and sales of motorcycles its primary business. For the purposes of attracting the best personnel and bringing the supporting advantage of having the motorcycle industry cluster in full play, Chairman Ran Gengshu made the decision to relocate the company’s manufacturing base and headquarters to the city zones of Chongqing. For the first three years, this location was at the forefront of achieving the company’s strategic objectives.  Since then, the company’s name has included the word “HIJOY”, which comes from the city name Chongqing, whose meaning is “double joy”. In Chinese language, chong means duplicate or repeat, and qing means to celebrate. Being able to celebrate repeatedly of course brings high levels of happiness and joy: hence, “HIJOY”. Hijoy Group seeks to bring repeated joy to all of its customers through its terrific products. The company also hopes to experience the “double joy” that comes from servicing customers well and at the same time advancing the business’ success.