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1、Grade III National Standard on Motorcycle Industry is Implemented as of July1st and Grade II Standard will be Prohibited

The National Phase III Motor Vehicle Emission Standards of China, referred to as Grade III National Standard, will take effect from ,July 1ston motorcycle industry, with a view to crossing out motorcycles that fail to reach the Standardin the production directory. As a result, current motorcycles in conformity with Grade II National Standard will be driven off from the production line. Meanwhile, from July1st, ,Grade IV National Standard will start to cover such light vehicles as passenger vehicles.

Sources say relevant ministries and commissions leave half a year for motorcycle producers to process the inventory of motorcycles available under Grade II National Standard. It is estimated that the inventory will be cleared by the end of this year.

As the motorcycle industry is covered by Grade III National Standard, higher requirement on emission of passenger cars were imposed. From next month, new vehicles that fail to reach Grade IV National Standard will not be included into the directory of new vehicles of MIIT (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). It indicates that new vehicles released after July1sthave to reach Grade IV National Standard while vehicles that were released prior to the date and governed by Grade III National Standard are allowed on the market.

2、China Super Bike Tournament Gains a Wonderful Ending, with Xiao Jin winning the Five Successive Championships.

The final race 2011 CSBK (China super biketournament) has concluded in Zhuhai International Circuit. Xiao Jin on the team of Yamaha Motorcade has been honored with the annual champion by 167 points inGroup ss 600cc of this competition. He is also the fifth consecutive annual champion since CSBK was established. Huang Shizhao was the annual runner-up with 2 points behind Xiao.

At the beginning of the final, Huang Zhiyu took the lead into Turn 1 with rapid departure rate, followed by Xiao Jin and Huang Shizhao. Only half a circle later, Huang Shizhao surpassed Xiao Jin to be the second. Three circles later, Huang Shizhao still could not exceed Huang Zhiyu with 0.2 seconds apart. Thrilling scenes arose constantly. Huang Shizhao finally transcended Huang Zhiyu at Turn 9 from the inside lane after following several circles and rose to No. 1.

In the last circles, Huang Zhiyu was unable to keep up with Huang Shizhao gradually and fell behind for above 3 seconds. However, Xiao Jin gained steady momentum. The annual champion was at hand. Eventually, Huang Shizhao crossed the finish line first and won the champion of Group ss600cc in the second round. Huang Zhiyu and Xiao Jin received the second and third prizes respectively. (by Chen Zhuoping)