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The Company has nearly a hundred sets of equipment made at home or abroad, with a total investment of over RMB50 million in the equipment. In particular, there are advanced equipment, such as chassis dynamometer, imported exhaust emission analyzer, 3D measurement system, clay modeling designer, side tilting testers, salt spray laboratory, side slip tester, geometric parameter testing, parts performance testing room, etc. with annual production capacity of 2 million motorcycles and 3 million engines. With production technology introduced mainly from Taiwan, Japan and Germany, the Company has invited senior technicians to give lectures and provide technical consultation for many times and concluded long-term agreement for technical service with relevant technicians.

Located in Yubei Airport Industrial Park in Chongqing, with a coverage of over 200 mu and total floorage of 120 thousand square meters, the Company has total investment of . In main premises, having such manufacture workshops as Engine Workshop, Frame Workshop, Painting Workshop and Motorcycle Assembly Workshop.

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