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With over 1,500 square meters of office area, the Hijoy Group is proud of its professional technical center, which has 13 departments and is equipped with a testing and checking equipment laboratory for engine power measurement, clay modeling design office, tilting test rig, side slip tester, geometric parameter testing, and parts performance testing room. Since its establishment, the center has been responsible for the completion of the design and development of hundreds of new products, with several of its newest products awarded as key new products at the provincial level, recognizing the differentiation, diversification and refinement of products. This center also lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Hijoy Group and its products.

  • Chassis dynamometer and exhaust gas analysis experiments
  • Approach to technology R & D center
  • New product development flow chart
  • New product development ventricular
  • R & D projects progress
  • Salt spray test
  • Clay model room