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Team Profile

HIJOY Group is a place with dreams, where a group of energetic, creative and imaginative people gather.

Every single member of the team persistently contributes and uses their shared wisdom to help achieve tasks of monumental size.

Hijoy’s factory is not merely engaged in simple assembly line work. Every member of the team is encouraged to bring all of their knowledge and experiences into a collaborative workplace that draws on the advantages of each individual member of the team. This ensures Hijoy’s products remain competitive.

Hijoy Group possesses a strong team with competitive strengths. Staff in different fields pay close attention to their responsibilities. The operation of the team ensures the stability of the whole business structure. Hijoy have a group which includes: the chairman’s office; president’s office; financial center; import and export business center; quality and technology center; human resources center; administrative service center; facility maintenance center; and, a construction project center. Hijoy also operates a motorcycle company that includes: the general manager’s office; the financial department; administrative department; marketing department; technical development department; facility supply department; quality management department; general department; and, the production department. Hijoy’s motorcycle company is the place where staff love to spend their time, and where Hijoy’s company culture continues to grow more lively.

In the past, Hijoy has reveled in the joy of past successes, but also learned lessons from the challenges faced. In the future, Hijoy will remain enthusiastic about the challenges it is presented with, in order to enjoy the pride that is bred from success.