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HIJOY 2011 Year-End Review and Honor Meeting Convened2012-01-20

With the rumbling of firecrackers, HIJOY 2011 Year-End Review and Honor Meeting was held at 4 pm on January 18th on the second floor of the staff dining hall.

During the meeting, three units and 23 individuals were commended (list attached below). Mr. Ran Gengshu, the president of the group, extended his sincere congratulations, thanks and greetings to the units and individuals being commended, and showed full approval for achievements the company obtained in 2011. Meanwhile, Mr. Ran specified plans and instructions on the strategic targets of the company in 2012. He stressed that Hijoy Group should, on the basis of realistic practices guided by market rules, seek development through innovation, guarantee survival with quality, and regard customers’ demands as the lifeblood of the company’s direction, thus safeguardingthe interests of the group. While maintaining competitive advantages in the motorcycle industry, the company should strive for a strong presence in the automobile industry and diversify the industrial structure. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ran, on behalf of the company, promised that HIJOY had renewed its agenda to establish CPC and the Youth League branches, to completethe establishment of the trade union, to provide better accommodation conditions, and to enhance the quality of life of all staff. This promise fully embodies the humanistic care of the company towards its staff and highlights the nature of its corporate culture.

After the meeting, HIJOY arranged a hearty banquet with nearly hundreds of employees celebrating together. The celebration became more boisterous with an inspiring performance from the live band. In addition, the organizing committee elaborately planned a lottery draw, which enlivened the atmosphere and presented new-year gifts to employees. Obviously, everyone fully enjoyed themselves at the banquet.

The new year will present Hijoy Group with new challenges and changes. In the coming year, Hijoy Industrial Group will strive to continue to progress and create a more robust history.

Attachment: The Honor List

Advanced Group: HIJOY Double-Wheel, HIJOY Three-Wheel, Biao Xin

Individuals with Outstanding Performance:

Yang Hongmei, Lai Ying, Yang Zhengxing, Yan Daiping, Zhao Hua, An Zejun, XinGuoqiang, Wang Taoyuan, Yang Guangchao, Luo Yang, ZouShengqian, Fu Xin, Li Lunming, Zhou Minglang, Yan Zongxue, Deng Shengjiang, Zhang Jianming, QiuXin, Yuan Chaojun, Wu Zhanghua, Ni Langtao, Chen Mingsheng, Liu Shu