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Gear shifting techniques of cub motorcycles2013-03-12

For newcomers to cub motorcycle, the most common question they always ask is how to shift gear during the run-in period, and it is just the topic that I would love to talk about today.

The correct way of shifting gear is not operate by listening the voice, but depends on the rotate speed of engine. Start with first speed, and shift to second speed when it reaches 10, and shift to third speed when it reaches 20, and to fourth speed when it reaches 30. Actually, we may meet the condition that the engine has not reached the due speed although the speed of your cub motorbike has. If it happens, try to throttle up the engine a little, and then press on the accelerator quickly and finish shifting gear. The most simple test method to judge if it is the time to shift gear is that if you can feel the tremble obviously after shifting the fear. The feeling should not be that obvious if the speed is correct.

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Downshift follows reverse operation. Shift down depends on the speed, shift to third speed when it falls below 30, and to second speed when it falls below 20. You’d better shift the gear to first speed or second speed in advance before ascending.

What I would love to mention here is that newcomers should shift gear frequently during run-in period. It is not recommended to drive your street legal scooters mopeds at a certain speed for a long time, and make sure the accelerator go back to zero before shifting gear.

There are also some points that newcomers should notice:

1. Control the speed below 45km/h. During the run-in period, cub motorcycle should not be driven at a high speed for long time. During the long drive, you should make it rest more than 10 minutes every two hours.

2. Change the replace engine oil timely according to the specification. Generally speaking, you may replace the engine oil for the first time when your cub motorcycle has run between 300 kilometer to 500 kilometer, and for the second time when between 800 kilometer to 1,000 kilometer. And afterwards, you can do the replacement every 1,000 kilometer to 2,000 kilometer depending on the oil quality. It is suggested to choose engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles above SG degree.

3. After the run-in period, a general test to the service station is necessary. Fastening all the screws in electric scooter motorcycle.