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Three wheel auto rickshaw is popular in India2013-03-15

As the development of the three wheeler, there are more and more auto rickshaw manufacturers appeared in China, which followed is the assimilation problem. Auto rickshaw manufacturers should differentiate themselves and focus on specific market to develop creative products. At present, there are more than 200 auto rickshaw brands in China, which is still in rapid growth stage. Because of the strong development trend, more and more manufacturers set their foot in this industry, including motorcycle Inc, moped manufacturer and bicycle manufacturer etc. But no matter it is motorcycles or moped, most Chinese companies choose OEM's strategy to participate in international market competition, so both the style and quality are not competitive, let alone build its own brand. HIJOY is one of the few professional auto richshaw manufacturers in China, and its original designer products constitute 50% of its entire product line. It has formed its unique style, manufacturing technique and product configuration in the auto richshaw market.

three wheel auto rickshaw

Since 2005, auto richshaw industry have emerged the momentum of rapid development, which is very similar with the status of moped scooters before 5 years. Its development brings huge opportunity to those manufacturers, and it becomes the best chance to build our own brand too. It can be predicted that there will be more motorcycles makers enter in this industry in the following 3 years.

As the industrial leader, HIJOY tries to make its presence felt in those domestic and international large exhibitions in recent years. Now it has successfully developed the market of Southeast Asia and India. Why three wheel auto rickshaw can be so popular in India? It is mainly because that the road in India is bad, and it doesn't have a decent motorway. So the fastest transportation method in India is auto richshaw, and it is the main transportation for most .