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Development of Motorcycle Electronic Business2013-03-25

In 1885 the German inventor Gottlieb Paimler invented the first motorcycle in the world. Motorcycle is powered by engine, and directed by handles with two or three wheels. It is light, small, feasible and can move fast. There are several kinds of motorbikes, such as knight motorcycle, street motorcycle, cub motorbike and so on. Among them, off-road motorcycles are very popular.

America, Japan, Germany are the important areas for motorcycle manufacturing. The motorcycle Inc. there brings in a lot of advanced techniques. However, they still meet some sales problems. The traditional sales mode can't promote the sales increase of motorcycles. Then, many companies make great effort to open the internet sales market, in order to get the biggest market share and better sales performance.

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It is well known that electronic business has great influence on the traditional enterprises. And many countries make some policies and rules to encourage its development, and try to make it prosperous. E-commerce must be a key area that every traditional enterprise will pay more attention to. Motorcycle Inc. is the same. In this circumstance, they have a complicated choice. How to begin their electronic business is a great question. There are several problems to be solved

1. The quantity of staple commodity sales made on internet is not very much. In a survey made by a professional institution about the tendency of buying motorcycle on internet, most of people keep a cautious attitude, and only 20% of them choose to buy street sport motorcycles on internet if there is good and complete service., because motorcycle is a kind of staple product in common people's eyes. The money they spent on it is a big part of expense in their life. They will think twice before buying.

2. Trail driving of motorcycle is very important part in deciding which brand to buy. People prefer to drive it first to have a vivid experience. So the traditional ways of sales is still the core channel to sell it.

3. The after-service is also a vital problem. People buy it on internet, but they will have to repair and maintain it in tradition shop. They will go there frequently. So it is convenient for them to buy a new motorcycle there if they like.

In a word, e-commerce is both a challenge and opportunity for all the traditional motorcycle maker. But now it is still a tool to propagandize. We should make deeper study on it and try to make it work for us to the greatest degree.