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Use Attention Matters of Hydraulic Directional Control Valves2013-10-08

During the process of designing and using various types of hydraulic systems, using and maintaining correctly and reasonably hydraulic directional control valves is very important to improve the work quality and reliability of hydraulic transmission and control system and the whole hydraulic equipment. Therefore, the hydraulic engineering and technical personnel and field operation maintenance personnel of the hydraulic technology must master the use and maintenance methods of hydraulic directional valves.

We should pay attention to the following six points: firstly, before installing the directional control valve, we should check the instructions to ensure whether the types, specifications and use conditions are consistent, including the power, working pressure, diameter, thread interface and so on. And then we should have the electricity and ventilation test and check whether the reversing action of the valve is normal. The reversing action should be operated by the manual operation. After the manual operation, the manual device should be restored.

Secondly, removing thoroughly the dust, rust and other dirty things in the pipeline before installing; preventing the debris of the sealing strip from entering the valve during the process of connecting the pipe.

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Thirdly, we should pay attention to the installation direction of directional control valves. The installation position and the direction of most of hydraulic valves have special requirements. We should pay attention to the specified requirements.

Fourthly, we should manage strictly the air quality, pay attention to the management of the air compressor equipment and remove the condensed water and other harmful impurities. Sealing parts of the valve is usually made of butadiene nitrile rubber. We should choose the turbine oil as the lubrication oil. It is not corrosive to the rubber.

Fifthly, the double electric control electromagnetic valve should be set interlock circuit in electrical loop, in order to prevent the coil from burning. This is because the both ends of the electromagnet meanwhile connect the power supply.

Sixthly, when we use the magnetic valve with small power, we should pay attention to the wrong operation of the magnetic valve which is caused by the leak current of relay joints protection circuit RC components. This is because the leaking current produces the leakage voltage at both ends of the magnetic valve. If the leakage voltage is larger, the electromagnet will connect the power all the time. And it can be cut off. You can connect the leakage resistance this moment.

Use attention matters and maintenance of hydraulic directional control valves are indispensable knowledge that the operation personnel must have. Paying attention to above six points can better prolong the service life of hydraulic directional valves.