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Several Tips on Helping You Better Select Motorcycles2016-04-15

Motorcycle, as we know, is gasoline engine driven two wheeled motorcycle or tricycle whose front wheel steering is controlled by armrest. Being widely applied in patrol and transport of both travellers and goods, it is a versatile, quick, economic and comfort traffic tool. Cub Motorcycle both has flexibility and portability of bicycle and maneuverability and high speed of cars. In view of its functionality and practicability, it is widely applied in our daily living. So, we may face a fact of how to select motorcycles of sound quality. Nowadays, almost every motorbike trader has their motorcycle online for instance of dirt bike online on our diversified selection. That doesn’t matter as long as we know the notices in our selection. Now here goes.

For one thing, engine. Engine is the key factor in determining the motorcycle quality. In selection, firstly we should observe whether engine is in a center line with motorcycle frame. Then, tread the actuating lever in neutral position. Listen to the engine cylinder noise, the smaller the better. Commonly, engine of Single Cylinder Four Stroke is of little noise. Following, connect power, open oil tank switch and on the spot check engine start and gear change condition. A good engine starts quickly after treading start gear shift lever without flameout in the situation of idling and a good shift gear goes smoothly when low speed gear is adjusted to high gear. Finally, observe the smoke color discharged from silencer which takes nattier blue as the best.

For another, motorcycle appearance molding. Commonly, it is required to be of reasonable arrangement, novel beauty and brightly smoothness. The front and back damper cylinder should parallel as well as be in symmetry with front and back tires. Also, it requires various accessories and parts to be complete. In addition, the quality of paint spraying electroplating parts not only determines the appearance beauty but plays the function of protecting pars from attrition. The paint spraying parts should be symmetric in paint face, bright and non-block dropping. This is especially the case for Hijoy motorcycle in present market since the appearance molding is the major highlight.

For the third, control mechanism. Control mechanism includes many aspects, mainly steering grip, clutch grip, throttle cable comp and back and front braking device. So, these come foremost in our check. The two sides of front and back damper cylinders are required by be of same elastic force. The steering should be flexible and dependable. The clutch grip and throttle cable comp should be freely steered. The front and back brake should be safe and dependable which must recover to original position after returning. In our real market, those like Best 150cc Scooter and 150cc Street Motorcycle all have strict requirements in these aspects.

For the fourth, electric appliances. Check the working condition of front headlamp, direction light, brake light and instrument light as well as trumpet sound. If there is no abnormality, it indicates the appliances are normal. Besides, we can lead motorcycles for several rounds of testing ride. If it feels light, it is of good quality. Otherwise, there may occur with resistance caused by friction on some parts. Still, check whether there is phenomenon of oil leakage in front and back damper cylinder or engine. Check if it is comfortable in riding. All these are especially important for motorcycle off road since it often travels on off-road surfaces and rough terrains.