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If You Want to Purchase a Motorcycle, Please Click Here.2016-05-27

There are many considerations in the process of purchasing a motorcycle. What type of motorcycle do I want? Where should I look? What should I check or test on a motorcycle? Here are several to aid you.
Step one: what do you want.
When you are buying a motorcycle, the first thing you need to decide is what type of bike you want. Such as commuting, sports, touring, or a combination. Do you want to ride over dirt tracks or trails? Do you want to ride on the freeway? A best 150cc scooter might not suitable for Motorcycle Off Road, but it’s a good choice for touring. This is the most important criterion you need to consider. Obviously there’s no right or wrong answer to these questions .Be honest with you on this one.
Anther key factor to consider when purchasing your motorcycle is whether or not you plan to carry passengers.
Step two: search information
After you’ve decided the purpose of your motorcycle, it’s time to do some preliminary research. Visit the website of motorcycle trader such as dirt bike online or motorcycle online to learn more about the information. It’s noting whether the motorbike trader is reputable. Look for information about motorcycle traders’ invoice price, the motorcycle’s features and accessories.
If you have friends and family who are also motorcycle enthusiasts, ask for opinions on specific motorcycle and traders. Knowing that friend jack he got a 150cc street Hijoy motorcycle won’t be he main criteria you use in purchasing your motorcycle. But, hearing the cousin rose feels she was cheated by buying cub motorcycle might make you decide to take your dollars elsewhere.
Step three: check the bike out for yourself
The engine is the key point for the quality of the motorcycle. The engine is now typically a single cylinder four stroke. Selecting the motorcycle, you should observe whether the engine and frame are in the same lever, then step on starting level on neutral gear, listen for the sound of engine, if you didn’t hear any unusual noise, the cylinder of engine can be think ok. And next you can switch on and open the fuel tank switch, check the condition of the engine starting and gear. The engine of good quality can get started after stepping on gearlever two or three times. During idle period the engine which doesn’t have noise also wouldn’t flame out and speed up quickly.
1. You need to consider the body appearance. It should be novel and beautiful, smooth and bright. It also should layout reasonably. For example, the front and back damping cylinder should be parallel to each other and be symmetric with the front and back tires. Pay attention to whether the accessories and spare parts are complete.
2. You need to consider the operating mechanism. Operating mechanism contains many parts. You should pay more attention to the steering gear, clutch wrap, accelerator, and brake rigging. The both sides elastic force of front and back damping cylinder should be equality and uniformity. Check whether the steering gear is flexible and reliable and clutch wrap and accelerator can turn freely. The front and back brake should be safe and reliable.
3. You need to consider the electrical unit. Check one by one the headlamp; signal light, stoplight, bulb lamp and loudspeaker. If there aren’t unusual conditions, it is state that those parts are normal. What’s more, you can ride for several times, if you feel easy, the motorcycle is excellent. Conversely, some spare parts get resistance by friction.