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An Interesting Research On The View Of Chinese Motorcycles2016-06-13

In China,you always watch the flood of motorcycles moving on the road.China is the country of the largest amount of population in the world.Motorcycles are convenient and cheaper than cars,people prefer them than cars in the short-distance riding.China is the country which produces most of motorcycles in the world.

There are different types of motorcycles.In different countries,the calssification method of motorcycles differ from each other.According to the international standard(ISO3833-1977),the motorcycles can be divided into two catagories ,dual motorcycles and motorcycles,due to their different speed and weight.The classification methods of chinese motorcycles can be generally divided into two ,one is the method of dividing by cc ,the other one is dividing by the highest designed speed.According to Chinese standards,the motorcycles can be classificated into dirt bikes and motorcycles.

Dirt bikes have a working volumn less than 50cc and the highest designed speed no more than 50 kilometers.Motorcycles are the doublecycle motorcycles and tricycles with working volumns more than 50cc and the highest designed spped more than 50 kilometers. Another classification standard is diving by the number and location of wheels,motorcycles can be divided into three kinds,motorcycles with two wheels ,edge tricycle motorcycles and tricycle motorcycles.  

There are also some interesting motorcycle names,let’s get to know something about them.            

Cub motorcycle is a scooter bike with a mini shape ,students like it. Cub motorcycles may not run long distances,it can afford to the short distance riding .Riding cub motorcycles is easy and safer than motorcycles.Cute designed cub motorcycle is so fun that riding it brings people fun and good mood.


Off Road Motorcycle is the super motorcycle which is applied in the all-terrain vehicles racing games.It’s invented in Britain.The best off road motorcycle is the KTM motorcycles.Thanks to its excellent performance,KTM motorcycles have won many big prizes in many off road racing tornaments.

Street motorcycles are the commonly-seen ones in our daily lives.

Sport Motorcycles are designed with the idea to entertain people during their spare time and vacation.They are not only an interesting transportation,but also a tool for experiencing the fun in life.The apperances of sport motorcycles are more beautiful than other kinds of motorcycles. There are dual sport motorcycles for sale in China.

Hijoy Motorcycle is the motorcycle brand created in Chongqiong,China these years.The Hijoy motorcycle company has some typical products,like the fashionable 150CC Motorcycle with Cutting edge design, 150CC street sport motorcycle and 150CC motorcycle with high power and low fuel consumption.

Hijoy Motorcycle is equipped with high quality .The manufactures welcome you to experience motorcycling by riding the Hijoy motorcycle.